Ray Basaldua is Running for the Office of San Antonio Mayor 2021

A Message from Ray

“I’m running for Mayor on a very specific and complex platform. I am not a politician nor a salesman and will not try to convince anyone of anything or ask you for your vote. I have raised the issue of mandating 0 to 3 early childhood education and it is now on the table. It is up to those ethical intellectuals in the community who have a legal duty to protect children to push this through.”

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Ray Adam Basaldua was born in 1972 in Corpus Christi, Texas, his physical address was 1451 Lulac Drive, apt. A,

(The LULAC Courts) he’s the youngest of eight children.


Though Ray was not born in San Antonio, he considers himself a Native San Antonian. “I was born into generational poverty, my earliest memory was when I was four. I was coming off the Via bus with my mom in the Las Palmas Shopping Center off of General McMullen. We were headed to Centeno’s to get some groceries but before we went shopping we had to stop and pick up food stamps from the welfare office.”


Ray was raised on the West Side by his mother, his siblings and his great aunt and uncle: Suse and Prudencio Basaldua. When Ray entered high school, he was taken in and unofficially adopted by the Montes family.


At the age of twelve Ray started working in construction with a gentleman from the church his mother attended, he hauled trash, did demolition, dug holes and helped with small jobs. Ray graduated from John Jay high school in 1990, which is his highest level of education. He is still in the construction industry today.

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