Ray Basaldua is Running for the Office of San Antonio Mayor 2021

Basaldua for Mayor 2021!

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“The Time Has Come To Mandate 0 to 3

Early Childhood Education”

Which means: By law, both parents of every child (regardless of relationship status) will be held legally accountable to educate their child from 3 months pre-birth up until their child enters an education system governed by the State of Texas.


By mandating 0 to 3 early childhood education in the city of San Antonio, we as a community will give every child the opportunity to live up to their intellectual potential and at the same time become every child's first line of defense against neglect.



“As times change, circumstances change; which means laws have to change. The time has come to mandate 0 to 3 early childhood education.”


– Ray Adam Basaldua

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